Womans Cuts

We know convenience is key for you to keeping you ahead and our Jovie stylists cater to your busy lifestyle.

Mens Cuts

Our expert and professional stylists are artists in crafting the right look for you so you can best tackle your day and come.

Master Color

Finding the right hair color can be intimidating.  Going dark, going light, creating pops of bold color or subtle flashes.

We are Certified!

This Certification is designed to present the most current information that is pertinent to the Professional Beauty Professional. This information changes daily, but the guidelines for the Professional Beauty industry are likely to remain consistent in the short term. All rules and guidance of individual states must be followed.

Barbicide Certified

2020 Hair Trends

Pick a trend, we get to work, I will provide the color, style or cut that you want with no problem. Staying true to our original purpose: creating an exceptional salon filled with professional artists devoted to their craft and sharing our love with clients and community

Men's Cuts

Whether working hard to achieve greater professional success or simply juggling the responsibilities of being a good husband, father, professional, and friend, gentlemen today have more to do with seemingly less time to do it.

Organic Shampoo and Conditioner.

Not all chemicals are bad, but you don’t need a long list of them in your hair products. A popular, non-natural ingredient you’ve probably skipped over a bunch of times on product labels, sodium lauryl sulfate, actually strips your hair of natural oils you need, leaving you with dry, sad strands.

Smile up!

Colorist certified salon and our professional hair artists create beautiful and luminous colors from an infinite combination of the best quality professional hair colors in the industry.  Your Jovie stylist will thoughtfully consult with you on the color choices that most complement your hair and skin tones.

A Cut For Any Age

Choosing a new hairstyle or haircut can be difficult! Looking through thousands of hairstyles is a long task that may amount to nothing. Instead of combing through Instagram pages, this article will give you fifty great examples of hairstyles for women over 50 that you can sort out and bring to your hairstylist.

Let's Fix it!

Any hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet. And the potential for damage really accelerates if your wet hair is fine, curly or fragile. So handle with care. Never try to pull a brush through your wet hair, unless it’s a brush specifically designed for the task.

Most pros recommend using a wide-tooth comb to detangle. When you step out of the shower, skip vigorous rubbing. Instead, gently blot your hair with a fluffy towel, or better still, with a microfiber cloth or soft t-shirt.


Master in Color..

Everyone can write, but not everyone is a writer. What makes the difference is the keen eye for detail and beauty.

How to I get nice, healthy hair so that it can grow faster and longer? In today’s video I give you 10 tips for healthy, shiny, silky smooth hair! These healthy hair tips will make your hair look and feel amazing, and will help you grow your hair faster, thicker, and longer as fast as possible. I hope you enjoy another video on men’s hair care! 

Masaru Emoto

Let's Get Your Hair Done!

The best hair is healthy hair, and healthy hair is about determining the right hair care strategy for your hair type. It starts with your individual hair goals. 


Salon team draws from professional skills refined through significant continuing education each year to give you confidence in every visit.


thoughtfully consult with you on the color choices that most complement your hair and skin tones, offer coloring and highlight placements to best emphasize your gorgeous hair.


There are so many different products we use on and in our hair on a weekly basis, and often daily. From shampoo to conditioner to hairspray and volumizing products.